Or kilometre-stones, perhaps. I’ve been looking at endless Tweets from Peter Hitchens on the rather pointless debate about imperial vs metric measures. For whatever reason, I like measuring runs in kms, maybe because they go by faster. Maybe also since 5k and 10k are such focal point distances.

Either way, I’ve noticed recently that a lot of milestones have passed, based on my use of Strava to track all the important statistics – and also Smashrun, which counts things up like how many consecutive days I’ve run on (will be 155 today). My Garmin Vivosmart HR+ also tells me how often I’ve hit my step target for the day, but for a number of reasons that tally is a bit distorted by the fact that twice in the last 97 days my target was reset to 7500.

On Sunday just gone, I reached 6000km logged on Strava since late 2014 when I started out, and Friday was day 150 of consecutive running. This blog, when I ever use it, is a nice outlet for these kinds of fairly meaningless statistics. Nobody is really interested in them other than me, but the internet is here so that some page can sit there for at least a good few years collecting dust and telling people about them.

I think I’m also reluctant to talk about them also since somehow I worry that they raise an expectation in others, such that if I didn’t maintain my current level of exercise, it would be a marker by which I could be compared to a previous version of myself. Well, here’s hoping I keep it up.


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