2000 in 2016

I reached a milestone last night – 2000 kilometres in the calendar year so far. In all of 2015 I managed 1707km, so I’ve run a bit more this year. That’s mainly through running most days, rather than 2-3 times a week as I did for most of 2015, and running to work. My average run length in 2016 is still under 5km (4.8), compared to 5.6km in 2015. But I’ve already been on 418 runs this year compared to 303 last year.

In 2015 I ran at, on average, 5.65 minutes per kilometre, whereas this year it’s 5.18 minutes per kilometre. Both numbers mask over a lot of variation of course. In 2015 I was improving from about 6.5-7 minutes per km early in the year down to about 5 by the end, and while I’ve maintained about that, perhaps touching up to about 4 minutes 50 on average for some runs, in 2016, I’ve also had some slower spells, picking up an injury after the Reading Half Marathon, and losing a lot of blood in a hospital related incident in May.

How many kms will I get in 2016 as a whole? My current rate established throughout the year suggests I should hit (366/243)*2001.5=3014.6. I’ll be delighted if I do, but equally I’ll just be delighted if I’m healthy and still running most days by the end of the year.


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