50km in DC

I’ve just got back from a work trip to Washington DC. It’s the second time I’ve been on a work trip since starting to run, and I ran on five of the six days I was there. The photo above this post I took towards the end of my last run, on Monday morning, when I passed by the Capitol for the final time. As the friends I stayed with lived just a couple of kilometres from the Capitol, all of my runs ended up taking me past this iconic of buildings. I was a bit spoilt!

In total, I ran exactly 50km, which is highly satisfying. On my first evening, I decided it might be a good idea to prolong my bedtime after the flight from the UK by going for a 5km run, and my host joined me, showing me a route he takes that goes by Union Station and the Capital, then back out along East Capitol Street.




What surprised me? The lack of Strava segments! Strava can’t be that popular amongst DC’s runner as there were plenty out and about whenever I ran (with the exception of Sunday morning).

Next morning I pretty much ran the same route, expanding it a little in a couple of places rather than stop to wait to cross a street.




Friday morning or evening didn’t really work out for a run, but I did walk the best part of 15km at such a furious pace that Google Fit thought I ran quite a bit that day anyhow…

All of this, however, was the prelude to Saturday’s run. With the Reading Half now just two weeks away, this was my last weekend to get in full distance, and as a big House of Cards fan, with my host we plotted out all the scenes on the opening credits of the show, linked them up minus a couple, and had a half-marathon length run to get on with!




The House of Cards Half Marathon was seriously satisfying, despite taking place on a pretty miserable day overall – got drenched, and quite cold particularly running over the Potomac River twice. My host Nick ran half of it with me, stopping at the Jefferson Memorial.

On Sunday morning pre-church I decided to run to the Washington Monument since that had to be about 10km, and it would be my last opportunity to head down the Mall.




Sunday morning was, at first, very quiet indeed, I barely saw a moving vehicle before getting to the Capitol.

Monday morning was my last run, and I returned to the same route, roughly speaking, as the first two runs, with the addition of going around the Capitol rather than just up to and past it.




Overall, a monumentally satisfying set of runs, and a set that’ll take some living up to. Running on American streets had its ups (ease of adding a few extra meters to the run if need be, ease of creating a run, fewer unexpected things around corners), but also its downs – having to wait to cross at busy intersections, although I’m sure the latter could be avoided if one tried hard enough. Overall though, more than just the change from running around Didcot and Reading (!), the amount of iconic sights to run past was hugely enjoyable.


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