Reading Half Marathon

Yesterday I entered the Reading Half Marathon. I’d promised my better half that I wouldn’t run any half marathons in 2016, but now I’m running two (with the addition of the Edmonton Half Marathon in August.

Why? Well, part of it is people I know running it, another is where it goes (through my workplace, the University of Reading), part of it is the timing (after the end of term so something “fun” to look forward to).

I’m also “treating” myself to training for it on Friday afternoons, since this term it’s almost certain I’ll be working late on Thursday evenings due to my teaching schedule (2-5pm Thursday, 9-11am Friday), so once I’m done on Fridays I feel I’ve earned myself an afternoon run around the town on the roads the half marathon will take.

Last week I ran the part of the route from the University down to the railway station on my way home, the coming week I plan on running a bit further – out towards Tilehurst to make things up to 10km. After that, I’ll run 12-14km next Friday, and keep ratcheting up until I run the full route sometime before the end of term.

I’m hopeful that it’ll be relatively straightforward, injuries barring, to build up to running 21.1km again – I’m running almost three times that distance, on average, per week, so either I can reshuffle those kms, or add a little to them each week.


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