2015 in running numbers

2015 was a great year for me. The most life changing event was without a shadow of a doubt the birth of my second child, but less earth shatteringly, I also managed to finally get into a regular routine of exercise – running.

I started running in November 2014, mainly motivated by realising that via smart phones, data can be recorded about runs, and maps plotted much more easily than I’d ever realised. I like data, and I love maps.

After a while that novelty wore off (though I still do enjoy that), but I realised running was great for getting about and seeing more of places.

I’m going to take a few moments and indulge myself in a numbers-based look back at the last year. The numbers make it clear what a different 2015 was to 2014. In 2014 I went on 14 runs from November on, and covered 40.3km in 4h 39m. In 2015 I went on 303 runs, covering 1707.1km in 160h 50m.

I’m a statistician by trade, and that’s a huge structural change. The years 2009-13 would have been characterised by something even lower than 2014, maybe 5-10 runs, covering probably about 30km.

I’m hopeful that the structural break remains; 2016 has started in earnest with 3 runs already totalling 18.1km, and on Saturday I’m taking part in the Woodcote 10km race. In February I’ll be running a 5 mile race organised by the Reading Students Union on campus, then in March the Goring 10km race.

I’m also teaching a forecasting course this term and may well indulge in using some of my running data to make particular points about forecasts and targets…


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