On (not) running every day

The biggest thing, I think, that running  has forced me to think about is how I use my day.

A constant moan I make is that there aren’t enough hours in the day for all the things I’d like to do (work, family, checking Facebook), but then I manage to make time to go running.

The reality is it’s all about priorities. And also everything in moderation. There simply are days when even going out for 15 minutes is not the right thing when one has a number of other responsibilities – to do otherwise is to be very selfish.

Not running for one day will bring to an end a streak of consecutive days ran, but will that matter, in the grand scheme of things? Who am I trying to impress with my streak of consecutive days of running? Few, if any, of my friends would really care, and would probably actually conclude I’m a little obsessed.

On the other hand, will not running one particular day help reduce the stress levels of other important people in your life? Or will it simply improve their levels of happiness (to put things more positively)? If not, great – go do that epic run. But if so, I think prioritising running every day over everything else is, as I said above, selfish.


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