Running around the streets of my youth

With it being Christmas, I’m back home and hence running around the streets I used to run (in a playing sense) and cycle around as a very young boy. The one thing I quickly realised was that I was much smaller back then, so distances that seemed long are actually not very long at all. Containing myself to the streets I used to regularly explore around my house would make a very difficult 5k run – lots of tight alleyways with sharp corners which would slow me down – assuming I could even get along them, as some are now totally overgrown.

Nonetheless, I went to school about 1.5 miles away, and hence running around that walking route, and variants of it, plus the area around my old school gets me more satisfying runs, and runs that allow me to reminisce.

Today I’m planning a long run that involves mixing together a few different childhood memories whilst affording me a scenic run (not so easy around here!) along a canal out towards the hills.


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