Thousandth Mile

I’ve not yet worked out how I’ll fit my Advent Running half hour in today, whether I’ll run to work or run after I get home. Running to work fits it in, but reduces the amount of work I can do since I have to leave my laptop at home (too heavy), and I have a lot of work on at the moment.

Whichever way I do it, however, if my Strava stats are to be trusted, I’ll run my thousandth mile of 2015.


I say if they are to be trusted. A year’s a long time, and in that time Strava or my phone or some combination of the two have failed during a run, and misrecorded things. Sometimes a little over (it thinks I ran somewhat erratically), sometimes a little under (it misses out chunks as it can’t get GPS if I’m running in shaded areas).

Either way, I’m taking some considerable satisfaction from this milestone (almost literally a milestone). It’s my first full year of running properly and I’m very happy to have chalked up quite a few achievements. A blog that few people read is probably about the ideal place to make a little record of these at some point. Maybe I will over the next few days as I run the final few days until Christmas Day, God willing.


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